‘First Episodes’ Soundcloud Sampler

swcollage-samplerI’ve given away hundreds of hours of stories as free podcasts. I also sell the stories as books, ebooks & audiobooks so after a few months I pull down old stories from the feed. There is always a complete, free story to listen to, and if you want more you can become my patron for a few bucks a month and access them all (as well as Patreon exclusive content).

If you missed earlier stories, I’ve created a Soundcloud sampler feed, where I’ll give out the first episodes of various stories in podcast form (6 years is like 50 in podcast years, so sound quality varies.) Subscribe to this RSS link for a ‘new’ Episode #1 automatically every few weeks. Enjoy!

Read FREE for Life!

Read For Life!

I only do this once a year. Only 5 people have had the honor.

This year I made Etsy the home for my Read Free For Life offer, now built around a piece of made to order artwork.

Choose a cover of my books to be signed & inscribed. This work will be a ‘Golden Ticket’ entitling the bearer to an electronic copy of all fiction works I publish, writing as John Mierau, FOR LIFE!

Everything I write & publish, access to my private podcast archive, an exclusive made-to-order print of your choice of cover art AND download codes for my ENTIRE Audible audiobook library to date is a prize ONLY TWO of you can have for $300.

Click over to Etsy for more info.

Walk The Fire 2: Podcast update

WTF2 squareHi folks, just a quick post to answer a question I’ve gotten from a number of people in the past couple weeks. Namely, “hey John, where’s Walk The Fire 2?”

I teased a September lauanch, but then my family had a car accident. No one’s badly hurt but it cost me weeks of time…and my wife’s still off nursing a concussion worthy of an NFL linebacker!

Long story short: Farlost will continue a few more weeks before Walk The Fire 2 hits the airwaves! So now you know, and knowing is half the battle! Stay tuned, readers & listeners!