About John Mierau

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WELCOME. Serving Worlds is where you’ll find my books, audiobook productions, interactions with other creatives & more. I write speculative fiction (anything with aliens, monsters or alternate somethings in it) and narrate my own words and others for professional audiobooks.

My first pro sale was MARKED MEN, to the DAW anthology Slipstreams. Serving Worlds, the name of this site and blog, was also the name of my first podcast: a short fiction collection. My first published novel was the near-future SF thriller SUBVERSION: Book 1 of ENEMY LINES.

I love how ebooks, podcasting & the web help authors connect with readers and listeners. With my fiction and storytelling, I aim to entertain. Physics and reality will be bent as needed.


Much of my fiction, and many interviews and conversations with creators, are available to stream, download, or in RSS & iTunes.

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My books are available on Amazon (email your receipt for free ePubs of any kindle purchase).

WANT MORE FICTION? WANT IT MORE OFTEN? Please consider becoming a Patreon monthly patron or making a one-time PayPal donation.

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