Serving Worlds

    ‘Serving Worlds’ is an audio anthology of my fantasy, science fiction and blended-genre short stories. You might find cowboys, vampires, horror or humor mixed into the plots. Plus, cliffhangers at the end of every episode!
    All the episodes are available below, or via free subscription in iTunes. The audio collected below is hosted at


Crossing Lines (part 1)
(10.68 MB)
Two men meet in the middle of nowhere, each following the pull of
mystical lines of energy — and an evil threatening all the world.
Mar 27, 2009
Crossing Lines (part 2)
(10.44 MB)
Two enemies agree to set aside their differences to defeat an evil intent on destroying all life in our world. Mar 27, 2009
Crossing Lines (part 3)
(12.26 MB)
In the final part of ‘Crossing Lines’, Grady, Fran and Russell climb the hill to face the white light. There is treachery. Mar 27, 2009
Marked Men (part 1)
(12.99 MB)
A man is found on a train with no ticket. He is running from something terrible, but finds himself in a situation just as horrifying, as the mysterious Mark on his hand leads him to understand. Mar 27, 2009
Marked Men (part 2)
(14.32 MB)
We learn how Daniel received the Mark and he wakes up to find he has been buried with the Chinese in Bock’s mine, and blamed for the explosion by the survivors. Mar 27, 2009
Marked Men (part 3)
(8.96 MB)
In the conclusion to ‘Marked Men’, as the Chinese workers make good their escape from the cave, the gunfighter, Travis, offers to trade the boy’s life for Daniel’s… just as the Collector’s arrival is announced by light flaring from Daniel’s Marked hand. Mar 27, 2009
Harlan’s Wake (part 1)
(17.93 MB)
Tyler Brown returns to his isolated backwoods home after six years as a soldier, and protector to the alien Silvers, when the man who exiled him, his father, falls to his deathbed. Apr 22, 2009
Harlan’s Wake (part 2)
(19.79 MB)
Tyler Brown re-lives the road that led him to the Silvers from his dying father’s bedside. We learn what Silvers and the undead have in common, and watch several surprise guests crash the festivities. Apr 22, 2009
Harlan’s Wake (part 3)
(13.86 MB)
The alien and human shell that make up the Silver known as Michael is introduced to the Brown clan. Harlan takes a turn for the worse. May 13, 2009
Harlan’s Wake (part 4)
(14.8 MB)
The back-from-the-dead Harlan, Tyler and Tom work out some family issues. Michael remains a guest during this uncomfortable discussion… pinned to a wall and possibly dying. And Harlan means for his son Tyler to join him. May 13, 2009
European Investment Scams SUCK
(5.35 MB)
A classic villain uses a scourge of the modern world to trap his prey. Plus, a catchy 80′s tourism jingle! Jun 5, 2009
Last Man Home (part 1)
(22.99 MB)
*Jake needs to find the alien Bug that crashed his war buddies reunion before his friend Dru catches up with the Bug and kills it. Before that happens, Jake needs to know why the Bug is using the name of his dead Lieutenant, Tom Callahan. Things are going to get a lot worse for Jake before they get better! Jun 5, 2009
Last Man Home (Part 2)
(21.94 MB)
Tom the bug’s been shot by Jake’s friend Dru, and the two of them have disappeared into the wilderness. It’s up to Jake to sort things out, and save lives. But whose? Jul 1, 2009
Last Man Home (Part 3)
(16.14 MB)
Will Dru survive Jake’s point-blank blast? Why IS the bug calling itself Tom? And will Jake manage to get out of this mess in one piece? Jul 22, 2009
Last Man Home (Part 4)
(18.51 MB)
Things come to a brew as Jake and Tom the bug make their stand at the Ladysmith General Store, with Dru all the way out of his mind and ready to kill. Can Jake save Tom AND Dru? Can Jake even save himself from getting killed in the crossfire??? Jul 22, 2009
Last Man Home (Part 5)
(7.88 MB)
The chase is over! Who lived and who died, and what new paths will Jake, Dru and Tom find themselves walking on? Jul 22, 2009
The List (Part 1)
(19.58 MB)
The List, Part 1: in which we meet Miles Bell, an ancestor of James Bond and language geek in the service of His Majesty the King. Oct 9, 2009
The List (Part 2)
(20.95 MB)
In which our hero Miles Bell finds himself betrayed, and captured by proto-Nazis. Oct 11, 2009
The List (Part 3)
(11.32 MB)
Miles Bell faces the force the fledgeling nazis seek to bring into this world — on their side. Oct 30, 2009
The List (Part 4)
(18.36 MB)
The exciting conclusion brings Miles face to face with his betrayer, aboard a Zeppelin flying out of control through the Alps! Nov 19, 2009
Necessary Fictions
(4.5 MB)
A writer meets a fan who loves his work, and changes his life. Nov 24, 2009
Drowning in Dark (Part 1)
(22.92 MB)
Meet some of the residents of Shepherd’s Creek, Tennessee…. and one very unusual Bible Salesman. Nov 25, 2009
Drowning in Dark (Part 2)
(16.94 MB)
The surprising end of our journey with Samuel, a fanged bible salesmen, who we left in seductive jeopardy at the hands of a crafty and lovecraftian flock of worshipers. Nov 25, 2009
Already Here (Part 1)
(26.63 MB)
In this week’s exciting episode, a marine is destined for a life in prison… until his Gunnery sargeant shows up with a surprising offer… Dec 10, 2009
Already Here (Part 2)
(25.57 MB)
A marine, freed from life in prison by his old Gunnery Sergeant and pressed into service for a secret alien-hunting government agency, is en route to his first crash site when shots ring out. What will they find in the swamp ahead? Dec 11, 2009
Mountain Challenge (Part 1)
(18.71 MB)
* An old wolf nearing the end of his days climbs a mountain top, and meets an unexpected challenge. Jan 6, 2010
Mountain Challenge (Part 2)
(9.48 MB)
A wolf and a mountain race to the top of a mountain. One wants to die, and one wants to kill. Jan 6, 2010
Mountain Challenge (Part 3)
(17.01 MB)
Atop the mountain, under the light of the full moon, the final confrontation between Aleyku the wolf and Varas the dragon. Jan 6, 2010



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