Roundtable: Trash Talk on ‘Branding’

trashtalkingbrandingPaul E Cooley, Jake Bible and Starla Huchton and I had a great talk about branding and just general authorly stuff. Do not listen to this if easily offended. No, really. This is just not worksafe. Not min-van safe. Rude, rude, rude! Other than that, it was a great discussion. Download

State of Podcast Fiction

StateofPodcastFicNathan Lowell, Patrick E McLean and Scott Sigler join me for a roundtable discussion on the state of podcast fiction.Download audio

Genre Interviewers Roundtable

othervoicesWho watches–er, interviews the Interviewers? Well, I did. Clocking in at a pinch over an hour, this is a phenomenal discussion about how interviewers do their thing, with Brad Beaulieu of SpeculateSF, Scott Hertzog of the SciFiDiner, Roche of Dead Robots Society and Dave Robison of the Roundtable Podcast. It was a pleasure to turn the mic around to put questions TO these excellent hosts. Download audio

10 Great Genre Short Story Podcasts

othervoicesA good short story is a joy. A good narration, too. The 10 sources for short audio genre fiction that follow have been around for at least a year, sometimes far longer, regularly provide quality entertainment, and have free & easy RSS subscription to get the gems they create into your ears, no muss no fuss. If you love one of these shows, click through and donate or subscribe TO KEEP FREE FICTION FLOWING. Also, please share this page around to help these creators trade & grow their audiences.
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Anthology Editors Roundtable

othervoicesThe first anthology that grabbed me was ‘Wild Cards’. What was yours?
Ignore what the flu has done to my voice and enjoy a talk with editors Ann Vandermeer, David Gatewood, John Joseph Adams & Tee Morris about what goes into building an anthology! Photo by Tim Wang. Music: Soul Music, by DJ Drinks.
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Enemy Lines: star-studded prequel

ELbuttonWay, way back in 2010, I wanted to do something special to promote my novel ENEMY LINES. A baker’s dozen of podcast authors provided their talents to bonus-content promos. They did such a great job, the work stands on its own! I invited Jack Kincaid of Edict Zero: FIS to help me knit the promos together. What resulted is a nearly spoiler-free intro to ENEMY LINES, that makes a great prequel to the novels/podcasts.

The prequel features an embedded Wright on Earth reporting back to the ruling council on Galveston about his investigations into Typhon Systemwide, and give the listeners hints about the world of ENEMY LINES that will pay off later in the book… and in future books. Thank you again voice actors, each and every one of you. I’ll round out this post with a list of all the contributors to this ‘very special episode’.

I post it again for your enjoyment, and strongly recommend you check out all the players. All of them have produced extraordinary novels and podcasts: Jack Kincaid , Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Alex White, James Durham, Starla Huchton, Mike Bennett, Jake Bible, Paul Elard Cooley, Seth Harwood, Nathan Lowell, Patrick E McLean, J Daniel Sawyer, Brand Gamblin & S.V. Allie.

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Mur, KT and I discuss Stonecoast MFA

talkshowThis show is a good listen for anyone, but a little bit ‘inside baseball’: a freeform roundtable about U of Maine’s Stonecoast Masters of Fine Art low residency program, with podcaster/award winning author and recent grad Mur Lafferty, as well as podcaster, author and newly enrolled Stonecoaster K.T. Bryski. Download

Talk Show-Clarkesworld and Patreon

logo_emblemclarkesworldheadA roundtable discussion with Neil from Clarkesworld Magazine as well as Anthony & Cole from Patreon about how creatives & audiences are adapting to crowdfunding and Patreon in particular. (Music: Gronk Patrol by Derek Miller)Download

Talk Show-JC Hutchins-The 33

The33_Episode1_Cover copyA talk with JC Hutchins, writer-narrator of the 7th Son podcast, co-author of the Personal Effects: Dark Arts novel & now creator of the new monthly serial adventure ‘The 33‘ (including a sneak peek of the first episode).


John Anealio’s ‘Walk the Fire’ album

pewpewanealioI love art built on others’ art! Doubly so when it’s my work being riffed on. Check out John Anealio’s great new EP of music inspired by my WALK THE FIRE shared world.

I’m not getting any kickback from the sales of this EP, I just think John’s a talented singer and composer, definitely worth a listen or a buy. He’s written many a great geek-flavored song-and he’s included one each for the first and second ‘Walk The Fire’ anthology in this EP, along with some remixes that are pretty fine too!