Enemy Lines

A Near-future science fiction adventure novel about conspiracies, spies and aliens…where the lines aren’t as clear as you think.

Available as a free audiobook via podcast. Episodes are archived here, or have them delivered to you as soon as they’re released in iTunes or via RSS feed reader.

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LISTEN TO THE ‘TRANSMISSIONS’ (guest-voiced teaser promo’s)

Learn about the world of Enemy Lines in this series of teaser promo/minisodes:

Black Ridge Defense: A Better Way to Serve
Mike Fox: A Foxhole Exclusive!
Encrypted Transmission for Titus Mirth, BRD
NewsNet Editorial: Typhon Systemwide Acquires BRD
Find YOUR Future In the Stars!
Channel 902 NY: Public Television
Capitol Hill-News Conference
NY Talk: LIVE from Manhattan!


New episodes of the story are available weekly. Click the links below to listen, or Subscribe in iTunes for free!

Episode 1
One man walks into the desert. Another runs into a tunnel. A 3rd man steps into a vault.
Episode 2
Dell Cooley Brings the pain. A damaged physicist gets a surprising job offer.
Episode 3
Dell gets a new employee, Carradine meets the people running Typhon, and Ellis meets Jonah Harwood for coffee.
Episode 4
Carradine prepares to take on the U.S. Government, while Jonah prepares to receive a guest… from another star.
Episode 5
A warning is delivered in Washington, and a decision to act is made on Galveston
Episode 6
A lady thief makes a discovery in a warehouse in New York. On Galveston, Jonah’s fears are confirmed.
Episode 7
The thief takes up a challenge. On Galveston, things get worse and pilot Jan Vander is drafted by Jonah Harwood.
Episode 8
The new visitors to Galveston strike. Counsellers fall… and Jonah strikes back.
Episode 9
Alex makes a discovery about the mysterious vault she encounters during her thieving. Jonah goes after the last of the gray invaders in Galveston.
Episode 10
Alex has a hot time. Jonah gets to Earth. Ron makes a new friend.
Episode 11
Alex escapes from the warehouse with an unconscious Jonah. Dell Cooley gets a call from Niko Stratigakos.
Episode 12
All roads lead to New York City.
Episode 13
The gray and Ron get acquainted.
Episode 14
Vander and Peller build a Glass. Ellie waits for Lora, and Cal meets Jonah.
Episode 15
Ron goes recruiting. The gray gets a name. An FBI agent gets a surprise assignment and Alex and Cal hear Jonah out.
Episode 16
Ellis receives a frightening message. Dell flies to NY, but Nye is on his trail. Back on Galveston, Vander begins the hunt.
Episode 17
FBI Agent Sarah Fuller meets Dell. Ellie and Jake panic. Dell begins his search under the George Washington bridge.
Episode 18
Ron and Pusher continue to recruit. Vander checks in with Counsellor Almada, and Alex sees more of Jonah… who gets ready to fight again.
Episode 19
Jonah and his hosts have a talk. Ellie goes for a walk. Peller and Vander get their hands dirty.
Episode 20
FBI Agent Fuller grows more annoyed & intrigued as she follows Homeland agent Dell Cooley. Alex Yamada gets stir crazy. Ron and Pusher spread the love.
Episode 21
Jonah wanders Central Park. Ron brings a police officer into the fold. Ellie brings Jake to the black ship.
Episode 22
Ellis waits with two coffees. Vander realizes the scope. Ron and his cop-convert nab an FBI agent.
Episode 23
Ellis meets Jonah in Central Park while Sarah gets answers about Division 10. Vander finds the Black Ship, & Ellie finds her lover.
Episode 24
Sarah learns more about the Flyers. Carradine and Nye hack the FBI. Someone dies in Central Park.
Episode 25
Ellie has to do damage control on Jake and the Lander. Nye joins Carradine on his way to New York to hunt down the Gray.
Episode 26
In the aftermath of the shootout in Central Park, Cal and Jonah have a little talk.
Sarah learns Typhon is getting the upper hand on Dell. Ellie and Jake face a hard choice. Carradine and Nye land in New York city, ready for a war.
Jonah and Alex start their search for the Gray. Ellie and Jake take the fight to the Black Ship.
Vander has a final meeting with Peller & Counseller Almada. Sarah preps an assault on Laurence Post & MonkeyMachine.
Enemy Lines, Episode 30
Another Wright falls. Sarah plans an assault on the Grey’s Lair, just as Alex & Jonah find a lead to the same place. Meanwhile, Ron and Pusher make plans to move.
Enemy Lines 31
Sam faces Dell in the aftermath of the murder. Ellie tries to save Jake. Ron helps Pusher begin the next phase of his mission.
Enemy Lines, Episode 32
Vander says goodbye to Galveston. Jonah and Bruno raid Monkey Machine.
Enemy Lines 33
Vander and Simon track the black ship. Jonah & Bruno try to escape from Monkey Machine.
Enemy Lines 34
Dina Almada comes out of her coma… briefly. Dell meets Niko in Monkey Machine. Pusher opens a doorway to somewhere else.
Enemy Lines 35
Dell and Jonah meet. Dina Almada examines a dead Gray. Ellie begins her final attack on the black ship.
Enemy Lines 36
Dell and Jonah make decisions about each other. Nye and Carradine are close behind.
Enemy Lines, Episode 37
A plan. A handshake. An escape. A death. A ship begins to rise.
Enemy Lines 38
Help from an unwelcome party. The cards fall in Typhon’s favor. The Black Ship in sight, just as Ellie prepares her killing blow.
Enemy Lines 39
A moment’s rest for Jonah, Alex, Cal, Bruno & Sam.<
Enemy Lines 40
Cal pays the price for getting out of New York.
Enemy Lines 41
Almost home, Jonah and Dell bond as soldiers. The new Dina Almada watches as the Dutchman closes in on the Black Ship.
Enemy Lines 42
Jonah’s allies are offered a chance to continue their journey. Ellie awaits the end of the Black Ship. As the President’s press conference nears, Carradine takes action.
Enemy Lines 43
All sides come together around the Black Ship. Lives are lost in the battle.
Enemy Lines 44
The aftermath. The forest. New allies.
Enemy Lines 45
Echoes of the explosion in the belt and events on Earth play out as ENEMY LINES comes to an end.


  1. johnmierau

    I’m planning on separating my commentary and story episodes into separate feeds here on johnmierau.com but I’ll definitely lunch a podiobooks feed, too.

    I love Podiobooks and have a lot of people looking just for the story and none of my jibber-jabber.

    This time, I’ll even try to keep the feed on podiobooks current with the home feed!

    Thanks for the question, Quandmeme!

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  5. johnmierau

    Yes sir. Several more ENEMY LINES stories planned. they’re massive animals though, so I’m doing a few shorter works in other universes first Stay tuned!

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  8. Pingback: SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 124 – We Chat With John Mierau (Enemy Lines) and Chase Masterson (Deep Space Nine) and James Kerwin (Yesterday Was A Lie) About Their Upcoming Projects And How You Can Help!
  9. Fernando

    where can i get the ebook (epub)? i am learning english and it will be great read and listening at the same time. Your book sound really amazing

  10. johnmierau

    Ebooks are available for other titles, but not Enemy Lines yet. Search for John Mierau on Smashwords.com or Amazon.com and I hope you like what you find!


  11. Dre J.

    John, I’m a new fan of your work. Although sci-fi has broken the color(s) barrier many times over. I really admire your real world all-inclusive character selection, it is really refreshing in pod-casting. And thank you for not including the lower common sterotypes in your characters!!

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  14. Col

    oh dear, not Amazon & Wispernet……. I don’t have a Kindle, just a generic ebook reader, will there be another way to purchase the audio series Infiltration (Enemy Lines)? AND NO iTunes, that is a stupidly overcomplicated system to use.

  15. johnmierau

    Sorry not to have replied sooner. No need to purchase, all my audio content is available free here on servingworlds.com for download and streaming, as well as both itunes and RSS links to subscribe.
    If you still want to pay me for my work, thank you–feel free to visit patreon.com/servingworlds.com where you can chip in a buck a month to help me out.

    Thanks for asking,

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