Podcast Changes Ahead

4882451072_23c6859990_qFor 5 years, I’ve given fiction away in podcasts. I’m very grateful to all of you keeping up with the the ‘Serving Worlds’ podcast.  It’s not going away, but it is changing: RSS & iTunes now lead to SERVING WORLDS CURRENT, where new fiction will stay free: http://servingworldscurrent.libsyn.com//

Blog posts will be broken for old episodes for a while, but ALL 5 years of content will now live in a Patreon ‘Serving Worlds’ archive podcast for supporters of my work. If you like what I do, please support me making more.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled…

concussionThings area on hold this week, folks. Following on family stuff, I’m now healing off a concussion from a car accident. Excellent prognosis for recovery, but I’m pretty incapable of thought, let alone writing or producing audio.

See you on the other side when my brain gets back to whatever it substitutes for normal (grin).

Keeping the Podcast Alive

4882451072_23c6859990_q 5 years in, I still love podcasting. I’ve made friends, amassed skills and upped my game as a writer & narrator. I’ve made just enough income to let me write a lot of stories. But things have to change.

I’M NOT QUITTING PODCASTING. The trust & attention of the thousands who tune in every month is important to me. New fiction will be podcast weekly but past stories will no longer be free.

Things have to change. Patreon is a big part of that change.
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One month to keep FARLOST going

Hey, FARLOST listeners. Serious question: do you want more FARLOST after we wrap up the current story? It’s coming fast.

IF you want more, I need you regular listeners to back the story from $1/month by Thursday, July 31 to help me carve time out for its prodution.

Otherwise, FARLOST goes on haitus until 2015. Visit my Patreon page and learn more.