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Writing Mentorships

sw_mentorI have my own mentors & when I can I pay it forward: offering writing/biz advice, editing, social media help, being a brainstormer/sounding board to other writers in getting off the ground.

I sold my first story 10 years ago. I’ve published a dozen-plus books/audiobooks, ran successful crowd-funding campaigns & put years of experience into putting words together. I’m also the narrator of 25+ Audible titles, and 1+ million downloads of my own fiction.

If you want my help, you’re probably already a reader: so I’ve decided to take on up to 5 patrons to mentor. If you’re ready, let’s get to work.

What’s a book worth?

SW_trade_paperbacksI love reading, but books…I love ‘em & I hate ‘em. The smell of an old book is awesome. The sheer weight of bound paper on my shelf, and in my head? Not so much.

Still,how awesome is it that people want my books! I want to make good on those requests. Working on my Patreon campaign I figured out how I want to put my stories into books, and people’s hands.

I’m not selling books. I’m going to give them away. Every year, to patrons only.

Help me hit 500!

1402934306939I’m launching a new crowdfunding goal on Patreon.com, that will help me serve twice as much free fiction for you to read and listen to: Help me reach $500 a month & I’ll put out TWO instalments every week!

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If we don’t reach $500/month, FARLOST goes haitus & WALK THE FIRE 2 takes its place.
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Skip Amazon. Buy from storytellers.

pat I’M A STORYTELLER. I love sharing my stories. If you buy one, you should be able read on any device, any time. I give away ePub copies of my work if you email your receipt. I’ve used Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords etc. before, but the lion’s share of people buy on Amazon. They just do.

I’ve blogged about this but basically: authors need a passage to readers with NO megacorps in between. My shared world anthology with 10 other authors, May the Ferrymen Take You, is out now, so I’ve decided to include the anthology for everyone who backs me on Patreon for $1 a month.

No good guys in this fight

image Hang on. It’s rant time… Amazon uses heinous business practices, holding content hostage to strike the deals they want. And so do the big publishers. And so does everyone in business.

I feel sick about the serious blow to new authors’ careers by powerful corporations using them as pawns… ON BOTH SIDES. I get angry when a new author’s pre-orders are pulled by Amazon as a pressure tactic-with no regard to the possibility that author’s sales will tank and they won’t get another contract for showing poor results.

But you know what? I get just as angry when millionaire ‘made’ authors like James Patterson call for a boycott…while still raking in Amazon sales. I get just as angry when readers fall for the propaganda about boycotting Amazon and (get this) head to Walmart instead.

Amazon and Hachette and Walmart are ALL multi-billion dollar corporations! None of which give a darn about authors. And as such what gets me most angry is how this is renewing the civil war between indies and traditionally published authors.
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Interview: Rish Outfield (narrator)

RishMarked Men ACXI’ve begun releasing audio versions of my fiction on Audible.com, and I’ve been working for months to hand-pick the narrators I wanted. My latest is the weird western/dark fantasy Marked Men, now available on Audible. I was happy to get Rish Outfield, a talented audiobook performer and podcaster in his own right (The Dunesteef.com). Rish was good enough to answer a few questioBARE HIS NARRATING SOUL! and it’s a really fun listen. If you like this interview, you’ll really dig him narrating Marked Men.

Thanks, Rish. You hit a homer.

A stowaway on a train, running from something horrible, falls into the hands of evil men. Soon, innocent lives will be lost as human monsters will face something ancient, powerful – and hungry.