Read FREE for Life!

Read For Life!

I only do this once a year. Only 5 people have had the honor.

This year I made Etsy the home for my Read Free For Life offer, now built around a piece of made to order artwork.

Choose a cover of my books to be signed & inscribed. This work will be a ‘Golden Ticket’ entitling the bearer to an electronic copy of all fiction works I publish, writing as John Mierau, FOR LIFE!

Everything I write & publish, access to my private podcast archive, an exclusive made-to-order print of your choice of cover art AND download codes for my ENTIRE Audible audiobook library to date is a prize ONLY TWO of you can have for $300.

Click over to Etsy for more info.

Walk The Fire 2: Podcast update

WTF2 squareHi folks, just a quick post to answer a question I’ve gotten from a number of people in the past couple weeks. Namely, “hey John, where’s Walk The Fire 2?”

I teased a September lauanch, but then my family had a car accident. No one’s badly hurt but it cost me weeks of time…and my wife’s still off nursing a concussion worthy of an NFL linebacker!

Long story short: Farlost will continue a few more weeks before Walk The Fire 2 hits the airwaves! So now you know, and knowing is half the battle! Stay tuned, readers & listeners!

INFILTRATION: Audiobook Release

infiltration_Acx It’s a big week for me: INFILTRATION, the second Enemy Lines book is now out on Like Subversion: Enemy Lines Book 1, it’s voiced by the incredible Kelley Hazen of Storyteller Productions (also the voice of the ‘Hunt for Jack Reacher’ series & many more).

Infiltration carries the near-future battle, between advanced humans & an alien force eager to invade, to Earth. As if alien invasion wasn’t enough: corporate treason, political intrigue, & old fashioned human greed threaten everything on the planet.