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Kindle Countdown: Enemy Lines #1

ELbuttonFor the next three days you can grab Subversion, Enemy Lines #1 for 99 cents! Following those crazy Kindle Countdown rules, it jumps to a still-on-sale $1.99 after that for three more days, so act fast!

If you’ve already grabbed a copy, you can still help! If you have a minute, leave a review or spread the link in social media–your voice counts! Check out the Subversion Kindle Countdown deal on Amazon to grab your copy or help me get the word out!

Enemy Lines, Episode 31

Sam faces Dell in the aftermath of the murder. Ellie tries to save Jake. Ron helps Pusher begin the next phase of his mission. mp3 download

Enemy Lines, Episode 30

Alex & Jonah find a lead, just as Ron and Pusher make plans to move. mp3 download

Enemy Lines, Episode 29

Another Wright falls. Sarah plans an assault on the Grey’s Lair. Things go very, very wrong.

MP3 download

Enemy Lines, Episode 28

Jonah and Alex start their search for the Gray. Ellie and Jake take the fight to the Black Ship.

mp3 download

Enemy Lines, Episode 27

mp3 download

Sarah learns Typhon is getting the upper hand on Dell. Ellie and Jake face a hard choice. Carradine and Nye land in New York city, ready for a war.

Enemy Lines, Episode 26

In the aftermath of the shootout in Central Park, Cal and Jonah have a little talk.

mp3 download

Enemy Lines: Transmissions

mp3 download
The following is a report on current and historical activities of Typhon Systemwide and its investigations into Wright activity. William Sykes, reporting.

Some sounds courtesy freesound.org:
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Enemy Lines, Episode 24

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Sarah learns more about the Flyers. Carradine and Nye hack into the FBI. Someone dies in Central Park.

Enemy Lines, Episode 23

While Ellis meets Jonah in Central Park, Sarah gets answers about Division 10. Vander finds the Black Ship, and Ellie learns of Lora’s fate.

mp3 download