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Kindle Countdown: Enemy Lines #1

ELbuttonFor the next three days you can grab Subversion, Enemy Lines #1 for 99 cents! Following those crazy Kindle Countdown rules, it jumps to a still-on-sale $1.99 after that for three more days, so act fast!

If you’ve already grabbed a copy, you can still help! If you have a minute, leave a review or spread the link in social media–your voice counts! Check out the Subversion Kindle Countdown deal on Amazon to grab your copy or help me get the word out!

Update & Rallying Call! (Talk Show)

News! Ebooks! Dead tree! What’s up with me & Amazon?? PS: FREE books for honest reviews. A Mirror Without by Royal Wood.  Download


SUBVERSION is here! Book One in my ENEMY LINES series is now for sale on Amazon! This full-length novel of conspiracy, spies and aliens has been a long time coming and I’m SO excited that it’s finally loose in the world!

SUBVERSION is now for sale on Kindle. This is the first in a 6 (or more) book saga, one that I’ve been building for three years. It tells the story of Jonah Harwood, a man with a dark past who found a road to the light, only to have the universe call on him to battle again–this time for all humanity.

Balticon and…Yarn?

Balticon is May 25-28 in Baltimore. The Balticon Podcast will tell you why I can’t wait! Balticon promises everything for podcasts& SF lovers–even podcast-themed yarn!  Download.
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ENEMY LINES Pledge Drive: Paul Cooley & Mike Luoma

It’s the final pledgecast! Paul Cooley & Mike Luoma‘s tearful pleas! (Warning: it gets LOUD!) Visit ENEMY LINES on IndieGogo.com now & become a backer of my indie writing. Only TWO DAYS LEFT! Download mp3

Four days left to Back ENEMY LINES!

It’s down to the final four days, and you’ve pushed the ENEMY LINES IndieGoGo campaign over a thousand dollars!

It’s less than the average advance for a first novel, but I take it as a great demonstration of support from my readers and listeners! I believe in Indie publishing and podcasting, & want to thank each and every one of you!… but we’re not done yet.

I need to raise as much as I can, to scrape together payment for cover art and editing & get the rewards you’ve earned out the door. Plus, there’s an Amazon Kindle up for draw as soon as we cross the finish line!

If one out of every hundred of my podiobooks listeners answers the call? We’re done. So please visit IndieGoGo and contribute! Thanks folks! See you at the finish line!

Enemy Lines Pledge Stunt: James Keeling

Another very special pledge drive podcast, as James Keeling drops by the phone banks to encourage you to ‘sever’ yourself from some funds…to ‘slice’ a part of yourself off to fund ENEMY LINES!   mp3

ENEMY LINES Pledge Drive with Bryan and Starla

Less than 2 weeks left to fund ENEMY LINES edits & cover art for paperback release! Today on the pledge drive Bryan Lincoln gets real & Starla Huchton fulfills her community service. Jokes aside, please contribute to the ENEMY LINES campaign here! mp3