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State of Podcast Fiction

StateofPodcastFicNathan Lowell, Patrick E McLean and Scott Sigler join me for a roundtable discussion on the state of podcast fiction.Download audio

Interview: Patrick E McLean

Continuing a series of interviews with contributors to my new shared world anthology WALK THE FIRE. today we’re talking with Patrick E. McLean (Walk The Fire: From Fire, Bring Ice).

Learn more about Patrick McLean here, and read his latest story “Flame in the Night”, in my shared world anthology Walk the Fire (Kindle), along with eight other stories and authors.

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Roundtable: Revenue Streams for Authors

Mur Lafferty, Hugh Howey, Nathan Lowell & I discuss revenue streams available to authors in the world of Paypal, Kickstarter, ebooks, podcasts, Google Hangouts & more. Download

WALK THE FIRE, Episode 2

Settle in for another podcast from the Walk The Fire anthology (Kindle). Tonight, Nathan Lowell tells the tale of “A Flame in the Night”. Download

Coming Soon: Will you Walk the Fire?

Next week, I’ll take a new world…and I’ve brought some help to make the journey memorable.

I’ll bet you recognize some of the names in that cover! I’m excited to announce the Walk The Fire Anthology — featuring eight talented writers and myself.

Coming Soon. Very soon.

IndieGoGO Pledge Drive with Nathan Lowell

Only *2* weeks left to fund ENEMY LINES edits & cover art for paperback release! Today on the pledge drive Nathan Lowell‘s touching homage to my history in podcasting. Jokes aside, please contribute to the ENEMY LINES campaign here!    mp3

Nathan Lowell: Everyone’s A Critic

If you’ve ever created something you know that moment of pride when you share it-& you know that moment when someone craps all over it.  Print/ebook author & podcaster Nathan Lowell has some pointers on how to take the hits:

(T)he bottom line on this is if you put your work out, you have to own it. People will say all kinds of things about it — and you…glean the valuable lessons from
both positive and negative.

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Roundtable: Colonizing New Audiences

Nathan Lowell; photo by Paulette Jaxton
Scott Sigler, Nathan Lowell and Robert J. Sawyer discuss techniques to develop audiences in a rapidly changing fiction market.

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Nathan Lowell: Bad Blogger, No Cookie

Last time, Allison Duncan gave us some pointers about how to build an author site and blog. This time, print/ebook author & podcaster Nathan Lowell gives us some pointers on what and how much to put in that blog:

…you’re advised to train your readers to visit your site on a schedule so they keep coming back to your site so they get reminded to buy your stuff. Um. No. Respect your audience and write when you have something to say.

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