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ASUNDER, Episode 10

THE FINALE! In the skies above the English channel, the Pirates are attacking the Folkstone survivors…but is there still a traitor at work? Download

Art: War of the Worlds, by Adam Blakemore. Music: Ibrido Umano, by Dan-O. PS: If you liked the podcast, please leave a review here to spread the word!

ASUNDER, Episode 9

Beneath the English channel, pirates have stormed the Mouse-hole where Marcus and friends have just boarded an Invader ship. Will they escape? If so, where will they go? Download

Art: War of the Worlds, by Adam Blakemore. Music: Ibrido Umano, by Dan-O. PS: Enjoying the story? Can’t wait for the end? BUY THE EBOOK!

ASUNDER ebook now on sale!

Twenty years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs fights for his life in a British harbor, in a world where Invaders came to enslave all of humanity.

The first volume in the War Between Worlds series, ASUNDER is now available for $1.99 on Kindle.

Marcus watched, skin crawling as the ship drew near. He remembered a sky clogged with dark shapes, as the alien sky-ship approached with a building whine. It closed again on the harbor, and lightning crackled from barrels beneath the wings. There was a flash and a roar, and balls of white crackling energy hammered the wood and iron-clad ships in the harbor.

He saw Burns stand, steady as a rock, and fire his single shot rifle into the sky.

His aim was true, flaring through the force wall defending the alien craft… Marcus was impressed to see a spark on the nose of the ship. Alas, to little effect, save for scratching the black paint covering the nose with a crude skull and crossbones.”

Explore a different past, when Queen Victoria’s England stood against an onslaught of Invaders… and a war between worlds. ASUNDER. Available now!