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The Listener Changes the Story

storytellerI want you to listen carefully…
I want you to listen to the way your friends and families tell their stories.  The same old stories and brand new ones. Listen to how they tell it when the restaurant’s crowded, or when there’s just a few people on the streetcorner.

Listen to the energy they put into it when people are hanging on the story, or when they’re struggling to keep your attention.

It’s the start of summer for most of us. A change in the air. More barbecues, weddings, gatherings for the hell of it. Energy from the weather, maybe a vacation, or friends and family visiting from far off.

A big part of why I love being a storyteller is that energy, the feedback I get from readers and listeners is just as important as the support of book buyers and Patrons who back me for a dollar a month on Patreon.

People tell the best stories when the listeners are excited, and open to the new ideas. I’m betting that you’ love being in that crowd, listening to the fresh new story!

I’m telling some different stories this summer. I’ll be revisiting FARLOST, and WALK THE FIRE, and maybe even ENEMY LINES, but I’m also doing some new things:

This summer, expect some standalone stories in text and audio at You can also expect a real treat for me that will run alongside the all-new stories: my narration of Philip K Dick’s ‘Second Variety’.

I love Old Time Radio, it’s what got me into podcasting. It’s all about strange people telling strange stories, and you don’t get any stranger than Philip K Dick!

So when you tune into Serving Worlds this summer, you’re going to hear stories you know well continuing, some new stories (you won’t have any clue where they’re taking you!) and also my tribute to a masterful storyteller, narrating his original words that led to so many movies you’ve seen over the years.

I want to say thank you for being a reader, a listener, for following me on social media, for buying my book, whatever convinced you to sign up for my mailing list and lend an ear.

Now it’s your turn, listener, to change MY stories.

I hope you’ll keep reading and listening, and if you do, please consider becoming a Patron for a dollar a month. If enough people want the originals and the PK Dick stories, I’ll keep them going, as well as continuing in my existing worlds.

Enjoy your summer, and remember to tune into the stories all around you!

ServingWorlds Infocast June 2015

toilingservingworldsAn infocast: what’s going on with me, what stories are coming next, roadmap changes ahead, and …where did all my interviewin’ go?

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Promo: If you’re a writer, check out the ‘Write Stuff’ story bundle!

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I’m the host of the Patreon Podcast!

11204942_902498223141823_5339051122669297006_n The Patreon podcast has just launched! I approached Patreon a while back and convinced them they needed this podcast, and they brought me on as host/interviewer/producer of the show. I’m completely sold on Patreon’s ambitions and I am very proud to be the one who gets to help Patreon creators tell their stories. Special thanks to Patreon head evangelist Erica Castello for believing in the project!


Free Enemy Lines Audiobooks

EL-Audibook-Giveaway Between now & April 15th, I’m giving five people all three of my Enemy Lines titles on Audible: Subversion, Infiltration and Retailation. Want in? Just follow & link. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Patreon, & my mailing list then repost this blog. That’s it. Follow all five ways for 5x the chance to be picked. UPDATE: Thank you everyone who followed and shared! I’m contacting the recipients this week.

Jonah Harwood has lived offworld in secret for decades, dedicating his life to preparing the human race for the coming alien invasion. Now he must return to Earth before the secret of his offworld existence is revealed, and speeds up the timetable for invasion. Spies, soldiers, thieves, and aliens. All caught in a power play to control the future of our world. A future where humanity isn’t the only player, and the lines aren’t as clear as you think. Welcome to Enemy Lines.

‘Retaliation’ adaptation now on Audible

retaliation The third in my Enemy Lines series, ‘Retaliation’ again features the voice of Kelley Hazen of Storyteller productions. Check out a sample on Audible.

Jonah Harwood has lived offworld in secret for decades. Now he is both hunter and hunted when he returns to Earth to stop an alien invasion. Spies, soldiers, thieves, and aliens are all caught in a power play to control the future of our world. A future where humanity isn’t the only player, and the lines aren’t as clear as you think. Welcome to Enemy Lines.


ASUNDER patreon event poster Listen to all 10 episodes of of ASUNDER for free yes, free! on Patreon.

20 years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs is trapped in a British Harbor–after the Invaders came to enslave all mankind. Now the invaders are gone, and new Orders clash as humanity rises from the ashes…but are the aliens gone for good?

2 episodes a day, all 10 by Sunday, completely free. Listen on my Patreon page. Patrons supporting me at the Archive level (access to over five years of stories) get all 10 ASUNDER episodes right now–perfect for Netflix-style binge-listening!

Next week, ASUNDER becomes Patron-exclusive again. I hope you will become my patron but I always keep months of free fiction posted on the blog and in my podcast feed. Right now that’s FARLOST. Thanks for reading…Now get listening!

Essay: Fair Trade, Digital Patronage

patreonthought‘Fair trade’ is a movement to help producers achieve better trading conditions and help them achieve a sustainable wage.

How does that apply to a keyboard monkey and voice actor like me? Well yes, I’m a full time, professional storyteller and narrator, but I still make the larger portion of my income working for other authors to create their audiobooks. I think Fair-Trade, Patreon and the growing concept of Digital Patronage have a lot in common, and can help me get where I need to be. Download

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‘First Episodes’ Soundcloud Sampler

swcollage-samplerI’ve given away hundreds of hours of stories as free podcasts. I also sell the stories as books, ebooks & audiobooks so after a few months I pull down old stories from the feed. There is always a complete, free story to listen to, and if you want more you can become my patron for a few bucks a month and access them all (as well as Patreon exclusive content).

If you missed earlier stories, I’ve created a Soundcloud sampler feed, where I’ll give out the first episodes of various stories in podcast form (6 years is like 50 in podcast years, so sound quality varies.) Subscribe to this RSS link for a ‘new’ Episode #1 automatically every few weeks. Enjoy!