Threadbare, Part 1

WTF2square ‘Threadbare’ is the story of a man’s struggle to return to the Flame, and his life. It is the first story in ‘May The Ferrymen Take You‘ [kindle link], the 2nd Walk The Fire shared world anthology.

I love being the ‘show runner’ of Walk The Fire, especially when I get to work with talented authors like WJ Davies and narrators like Corson Bremer. Stay tuned next week for more story, and more information on my collaborators. Download

Walk the Fire (the ‘pilot’)

WTF2square Today I’m returning to my ‘Walk The Fire’ shared universe. with the ‘pilot’ that started it all. Over the coming months I’ll be releasing ‘May The Ferrymen Take You’, the second anthology in the series.

Imagine you could walk through fire and emerge in another city, another country…another world? That’s the backbone of the Walk The Fire universe. Over a dozen authors and narrators and counting have enriched this world. Enjoy! Download

Essay: Fair Trade, Digital Patronage

patreonthought‘Fair trade’ is a movement to help producers achieve better trading conditions and help them achieve a sustainable wage.

How does that apply to a keyboard monkey and voice actor like me? Well yes, I’m a full time, professional storyteller and narrator, but I still make the larger portion of my income working for other authors to create their audiobooks. I think Fair-Trade, Patreon and the growing concept of Digital Patronage have a lot in common, and can help me get where I need to be. Download

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