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Balticon: ‘Dramatic or Straight Kickstarting?’

It’s a JUMBO episode, featuring 2 panels from Balticon: “Dramatization or Straight Read” & “Reading, and Kickstarting Your Fiction.” Forgive the “I’m Canadian” jokes, folks, I was high on Maple Syrup at the time ;-)

The participants in this madness?
Scott Roche, Michael Stokes & Jay Smith, PG Holyfield, Brand Gamblin , Alex White, Brennan Taylor, JR Blackwell, Norm Sherman

Escape Pod: Talking To The Enemy

Mur Lafferty of Escape Pod had me on to read Don Webb’s ‘Talking To The Enemy’. It’s now in my feed, since EP’s got newer episodes out, but listen… You need to subscribe to Escape Pod. Do it. Via RSS or iTunes. If you love SF in podcast form, you owe it to yourself!

ePublish or DIE! (&) Websites for Authors!

From Balticon: ePublish or DIE! (Paul Cooley, Collin Earl, Brand Gamblin, Trish Wilson) & Websites for Authors (Nathan Lowell, John Anealio, Robin Sullivan, Allison Duncan) BEWARE: Poor sound in 2nd panel. Download

Dead Robots Interview

Here’s the file for Justin, and Terry and I discussing indie writing, my IndieGoGo campaign to edit/commission cover art for ENEMY LINES (become a backer here), writing on iPhones in stolen moments & our thoughts on the Kindle Fire. Thanks for having me Dead Robots Society!

Check ’em out folks: Download mp3   Dead Robots site

IndieGoGo update/Dead Robots podcast interview

I’ve gone and done a new podcast interview discussing crowdfunding & indie writing with Justin & Terry over at the Dead Robots Society. Check it out!

A tiny man once said ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’. I’ll add, ‘never start a crowdfunding campaign over Christmas’. But I’m back… & I need your help.

I hope you’re credit cards are all paid up and your gift cards still have balances on ’em… and hope you’ll consider listening to my fiction, downloading a free ebook (Harlan’s Wake) and sponsoring the art and editing of my next novel, ENEMY LINES.

Don’t forget: besides all the reasons for funding ENEMY LINES (free ebooks, novels, audiobooks, posters of the ENEMY LINES cover art, or a copy of all my books for life!) once the indiegogo campaign is fully funded, all backers will be entered into a draw for my very own, brand new Kindle Fire! So sign up now.