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WALK THE FIRE, Episode 6

Brand Gamblin concludes his story of a ‘demon’ on the run on a planet-wide dictatorship in the future. In this story from the Walk The Fire anthology (Kindle) one Ferryman, or ‘Demon’ as they are known on this world, runs for his life.

WALK THE FIRE, Episode 5

Brand Gamblin drops us on a planet in the future, where a dictator has ordered all Ferrymen found and killed. In this story from the Walk The Fire anthology (Kindle) one Ferryman, or ‘Demon’ as they are known on this world, runs for his life.

Coming Soon: Will you Walk the Fire?

Next week, I’ll take a new world…and I’ve brought some help to make the journey memorable.

I’ll bet you recognize some of the names in that cover! I’m excited to announce the Walk The Fire Anthology — featuring eight talented writers and myself.

Coming Soon. Very soon.

ENEMY LINES Pledge Drive (Brand Gamblin)

3 weeks left to fund ENEMY LINES edits & cover art for paperback release! Today on the pledge drive Brand Gamblin has a moment. Jokes aside, please contribute to the ENEMY LINES campaign here!    mp3

Brand Gamblin: “They tried and died.”

Listen along or read author & podcaster Brand Gamblin‘s take on science fiction and heroes and real stakes. All wrapped up in a nice bow, with a gom jabbar.   download

They tried and died.

In David Lynch’s “Dune”, a young prince is brought in to be tested by the Bene Gesserit Reverand Mother. She tells him that the test is very difficult, and that many had tried. He asks, “They tried and failed?” The reverend mother replies, “They tried and died.”

This is a quote that resonates with the sci-fi group, because no matter how full of cyberpunk dystopian angst our stories may get, we always have hope.

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Crackin’ wise: eBooks..and…stuff

I strive for roundtables full of insight, entertainment, pearls of wisdom and discovery.

This ain’t one of those.

There are some pearls cast by this panel of educated swine, but mostly it was an excuse to hang out with J. Daniel Sawyer, Starla Huchton and Brand Gamblin for an uncensored, off-the-cuff talk about eBooks. This is whatcha get! We laughed a LOT… but please don’t listen if easily offended.

In addition to good words by all about some aspect of taming ebooks with a whip and a chair, Dan Sawyer talked about smashwords and openoffice on his blog, and pointed to a Linux Journal article on Calibre open-source ebook management and mastering software.
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Transmissions: a Guest voice tour da force!

Now, all you listeners, this is a bit of a re-post. Part gushing again for the guest-voices in this episode, and part pimpery of an episode I’m still pretty proud of.

I’m talking of the special ENEMY LINES holiday episode I put together in December. Check it out here.

If you’re new to the party, or haven’t already heard it, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. There are no spoilers for ENEMY LINES, but sort of a prequel to the world, with many characters not in the novel.

A number of the segments in ‘Transmissions’ were recorded as teaser trailer/promo material, for a campaign that never really got off the ground. I knew the holidays would be rough, and so I set to record a couple extra segments including the continuing plot thread of the episode, which was masterfully voiced by Jack Kincaid, of the podcast Edict Zero: FIS.

The storyline of an embedded Wright on Earth reporting back to the ruling council about his experience and investigations into Typhon Systemwide, is the perfect spine to give all the contributions new life, and give the listeners new hints about the world of ENEMY LINES that will pay off later in the book… and in future books (key evil laughter here).

So thank you again, podcasters, each and every one of you. I’ll round out this post with a list of all the contributors to this ‘very special episode’.

Jack Kincaid – Edict Zero: FIS
Alex White – The Gearheart
James Durham – Fetidus: the Damned Heir
Starla Huchton – The Dreamer’s Thread
Mike Bennett – Underwood & Flinch
Jake Bible – Dead Mech
Paul Elard Cooley – Closet Treats
Seth Harwood – Young Junius
Nathan Lowell – Owner’s Share
Patrick E. McLean – Unkillable
J. Daniel Sawyer – Down From Ten

Podcast Teardown #3: Brand Gamblin

Podcaster, youtube comedy show creator & indie publisher Brand Gamblin.
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Channel 902: a Conspiracy Theory

Feast your ears and listen for hints in another transmission from the world of ENEMY LINES!

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The first episode of the new novel drops July 6th but I’ve got a lot of free content from the world of ENEMY LINES coming out to you before then!