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Talk Show for May 20

A little hello from me, an off-script update about what you can expect from me, this site and the podcast feed.mp3 download

Paul Elard Cooley on The Genre Trap

Today’s guest post comes from the Fiendmaster, Paul Elard Cooley. Paul’s a friend, and a talented writer and podcaster. Learn more about his work at shadow publications.

Genre is a trap. Genre is a curse word that destroys the idea of the content itself. Using a catch-all phrase to describe an entire work of literature is inadequate at best…But what’s the alternative?

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Guest Blog: “You don’t owe me Nothing!”

This week Odin1eye, a prolific & well respected podcast fiction reviewer at viewfromvalhalla offers a few words about feedback & creators. Odin has also just started podcasting reviews. MP3 promo’s of his recent story picks at the end of his post:

“…writers value honest feedback. They are interested in trying to craft the best stories they can.”

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Talk Show for April 6 2011

A charity ebook I’m in. iTunes reviews! Guest-blog: Cracking the codes! Siggy! Mur! Alex White’s MP3 ENEMY LINES!
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Doranna Durgin’s Heart of Dog ebook charity anthology
Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro Pre-Release effort
Mur Lafferty’s Kickstarter project
Alex White’s The Gearheart podcast

The dumb thing about Smartphones

Full disclosure: if you don’t follow me on twitter you might not know I recently switched from a top of the line iPhone 4 to a top of the line HTC Desire… then downgraded to an 3-yr old iPhone 3G just this week. I love tech, I love social media, I love the power the internet access, always-on messaging systems, camera and various sensors… I love all the capacity and all the candy.

But sometimes I realize just how dumb it all is, too.

In my personal life, I’m not at all materialistic. I own few clothes, a computer for the kids, a laptop for myself, and an iPad my wife appropriated when her computer died. I drive a minivan, my wife commutes to work in a station wagon. We have a 3-bedroom home for a family of 5. But when it comes to phones? Man, I’m a little bit crazy. Continue reading

Commentary ‘cast for July 7 2010

Some thank-you’s and some attributions for my first official commentary podcast. I talk a bit about the format, ENEMY LINES timetable and promo plans, and get the ball rolling! Old-school podcastin’ peeps! Umm’s and Uh’s in place!

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#PodCrit: a Roundtable on Criticism in Podcasting

A roundtable discussion on criticism in podcasting with Jake Bible of the Dead Mech fame, Paul E Cooley of the Closet Treats podcast, Nathan Lowell of the Solar Clipper series, and J. Daniel Sawyer of the Antithesis Progression & more. Also mentioned: Association of New Media Artists & Producers and Understanding Podcasting. Personal critique: yes, sound levels are way off. Blame me & Skype, then enjoy!

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