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9 Questions for Jack Kincaid (Edict Zero: FIS)

I sent 9 questions to Jack Kincaid, creator of the sci-fi drama podcast Edict Zero: FIS. He was gracious enough to answer. If you’re a fan of rich soundscapes, I mean really beautiful audio, & character-driven drama, then Jack and Edict Zero are *very* worth listening to.

Replacing narration with only dialogue, music, ambience, and sound FX…An HD image couldn’t hope to compete with the images generated by the human imagination…It makes the world intimately, uniquely theirs, well beyond what even a novel can do

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Enemy Lines: Transmissions

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The following is a report on current and historical activities of Typhon Systemwide and its investigations into Wright activity. William Sykes, reporting.

Some sounds courtesy freesound.org:
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