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Talk Show for November 2011

Ready for December? Me neither! This show: good wishes, ‘nano’ failure & promos in broad daylight, Acts of Will, Paladin Corps, Compensating Controls & Edict Zero: FIS. Download

Talk Show: eBooks, Podcasts, rants & guest

A short shout, to hint at what’s coming up, play a couple promos (adventures in scifi publishing and Seth Harwoood’s in broad daylight) & ask you a question. Download

Interview: Seth Harwood’s Kick!

Seth Harwood is an indie author & podcaster selling CRIME. He’s worked with small & big press, now he’s using Kickstarter to crowdsource his fiction, selling directly to folks -like me- who love what he does. Enjoy the interview! Download

Seth Harwood received an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and went on to build a large fan base for his first novel, Jack Wakes Up (Random House), by first serializing it as a free audiobook. Across iTunes, Podiobooks.com, and sethharwood.com, his work has been downloaded over one million times. His methods have been covered by The Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle. His second novel, Young Junius, and a novella Triad Death Match are available now.

Enemy Lines: Transmissions

mp3 download
The following is a report on current and historical activities of Typhon Systemwide and its investigations into Wright activity. William Sykes, reporting.

Some sounds courtesy freesound.org:
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NY Talk! LIVE from Manhattan!

Happy 4th of July to my American neighbors to the South! Don’t worry about running out of fireworks, I’ve got TWO more transmissions for you in the next few days, then ENEMY LINES begins on Tuesday, July 6th, with plenty more explosions and fireworks!

mp3 download

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