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Discoverability feels dirty

thought Yesterday, I shelled my followers on social media, telling them they can back me on Patreon. Guess what? I don’t like promotion. I’m a cord-cutter and advertising is a dirty word for me. But it had to be done. I tried to make my posts fun–with wisecracks, butchered scifi quotes & threatening my followers with rain dances. It worked: I gained a few backers on Patreon.

Book, movie and music sellers put their wares in front of thousands of people: on bus sides, on TV or radio to convince a handful buy their product. Everybody has to find a way to make new people discover their product. It’s hard. And often, it just plain feels dirty.
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Writing, social media & Philippa Ballantine

Pip Ballantine recently broke into pro-writing in a big way, and migrated halfway around the world at roughly the same time. She loves writing and she loves social media. Now she’s going to tell you why:

(F)riends I made online…keep me motivated and writing. Without them there wouldn’t have been books to sell in the first place.

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Interview: Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine

Tee and Philippa, 2great friends of the podcast community, are making inroads into mainstream publishing. Their ‘Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences’ series is coming out & I spoke to them recently about social media, steampunk, podcasting and more. mp3 download Continue reading

The Podcast Teardown #2: Patrick E. McLean

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Podcast Fiction is brand new–and old as dirt. Stories shared through the web, quite often in the voice of the writer, creating a new tradition in storytelling. The Teardown is a mini-series of 10 questions on the nature of podcasting, put to 10 well-known podcast authors. The questions are the same. The answers might just surprise you.

Today: Patrick E. McLean, a professional wordsmith, advertisement/film & video creator, the voice that tells you ‘You’ve reached the end!’ for Podiobooks.com… and podcaster.

Find out more about Patrick at patrickemclean.com. Find out more about podcasting at community.podiobooks.com