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Walk the Fire (the ‘pilot’)

WTF2square Today I’m returning to my ‘Walk The Fire’ shared universe. with the ‘pilot’ that started it all. Over the coming months I’ll be releasing ‘May The Ferrymen Take You’, the second anthology in the series.

Imagine you could walk through fire and emerge in another city, another country…another world? That’s the backbone of the Walk The Fire universe. Over a dozen authors and narrators and counting have enriched this world. Enjoy! Download

Skip Amazon. Buy from storytellers.

pat I’M A STORYTELLER. I love sharing my stories. If you buy one, you should be able read on any device, any time. I give away ePub copies of my work if you email your receipt. I’ve used Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords etc. before, but the lion’s share of people buy on Amazon. They just do.

I’ve blogged about this but basically: authors need a passage to readers with NO megacorps in between. My shared world anthology with 10 other authors, May the Ferrymen Take You, is out now, so I’ve decided to include the anthology for everyone who backs me on Patreon for $1 a month.

Step into the Flames


To celebrate the debut of Walk The Fire 2, May the Ferrymen Take You, here is a reading of the first story from the first Walk the Fire anthology, written and narrated by me. It’s a a good introduction, I think to the rules and scope of the ‘Flames’ universe.

A Mayan and a Taino reach the end of their long long journey at the impossible city of Cahokia, on the banks of the Mississippi…carrying a mysterious metal urn, with a flame burning within.

Get ‘May The Ferrymen Take You’, the second ‘Walk The Fire’ anthology.


May the Ferrymen Take You

image MAY THE FERRYMEN TAKE YOU: Walk The Fire Vol 2 is out on Kindle!

A fraction of humanity, the Ferrymen, can walk through special flames to anywhere another flame has been carried the old fashioned way: another city, another planet, a starship in another galaxy.

Walk the Fire is a shared universe. Along for the ride in Volume 2 are WJ Davies, Mur Lafferty, Paul Levinson, Christopher Morse, Steve Umstead, Jared Axelrod, Matthew Iden, JRD Skinner, Harry Connolly and John Anealio.

And, to celebrate the release, Walk The Fire Volume 1 on sale for $1.99 on Kindle.

Kickstarter Fatigue & Alienation

Juxtaposer001This blog post started as a comment to Lucie Le Blanc’s Google Plus thread about why she’s backing away from Kickstarter. I totally get why she feels that way. Some Kickstarters don’t fulfill at all, or charge so much that some backers feel ripped off.

I say that just as my Walk The Fire Kickstarter is about to fulfill! Six months late. Oh, and all the physical rewards won’t ship until almost 8 months late. You know what, though? It’s still been a glorious success I’m proud to share with the backers. Here’s why…
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Updates & Thank You Patrons!

servingworldFirst, In which I thank my awesome Patrons. Become a patron at Patreon.com.

-Audible releases continue (yes with other narrators).
-Walk The Fire 2 is coming first to our awesome Kickstarter backers, then first to my Patreon patrons before going out to the world at large later this summer!
-Farlost is nearing its end. Sort of. Download

John Anealio’s ‘Walk the Fire’ album

pewpewanealioI love art built on others’ art! Doubly so when it’s my work being riffed on. Check out John Anealio’s great new EP of music inspired by my WALK THE FIRE shared world.

I’m not getting any kickback from the sales of this EP, I just think John’s a talented singer and composer, definitely worth a listen or a buy. He’s written many a great geek-flavored song-and he’s included one each for the first and second ‘Walk The Fire’ anthology in this EP, along with some remixes that are pretty fine too!

Walk The Fire Anthology Series

WTF2 squareA shared world anthology series spanning the distant past to the future. Created and edited by John Mierau, featuring an all-star roster of writers.

This shared world tells the story of the Ferrymen: the incredibly rare men and women who can walk through a special kind of flame and safely shepherd living beings and resources to any place another branch of that flame has been carried by hand, car, boat, plane or starship…but… to walk the fire without a Ferryman is dangerous. You could arrive somewhere unintended, be burned by the flame in the attempt…or never be seen again.

Walk The Fire on Kindle. (Volume 1).
May The Ferrymen Take You on Kindle. (Volume 2)

Listen to Volume 1, Episode 1 of the free audiobook here. The entire series is available for free via podcast here & in iTunes.

Collaborators in this shared world include: Mur Lafferty, Jake Bible, Nathan Lowell, Paul Levinson, Christopher Morse, Harry Connolly, Steve Umstead, Jared Axelrod, Matt Iden, Brand Gamblin, Ed. W. Robertson, JRD Skinner, J Daniel Sawyer, Patrick McLean, Jason Andrew Bond and many more!

Do you dare walk the fire?

Walk The Fire on Kindle. (Volume 1).
May The Ferrymen Take You on Kindle. (Volume 2)


Below are the names of the awesome folks who supported Walk The Fire Volume 2. If you’re name isn’t listed, drop us a line to opt-in: we want to shout out our thanks!
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